Pyramid Lake Fishing regulations

  1. You do not need a State of Nevada Fishing License, just a Tribal Fishing and/or Boating Permit.
    Boats are required to have current registration from their respective state.
  2. Barb less hooks only. We are concerned only with what hooks you have in the water, not your tackle box. You can have 2 singles, 2 doubles or 2 treble hooks per lure.
  3. No Bait. No worms, eggs, scent, Power bait or like products, or any organic matter on your hooks.
  4. Slot sizes. Keepers are 17 to 20 inches or over 24 inches. All other sizes must be returned to the water.  You may keep 2 of the smaller sizes or 1 small and 1 large.
  5. One stringer per fisherman, no sharing of stringers.
  6. Do not fillet the fish on the Reservation. Rangers need to verify proper size.
  7. You can fish 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset.
  8. Highly recommend boaters have a marine band radio on board. The Ranger Station monitors Channel 16.  Coast Guard considers marine band radios as essential part of your boat safety equipment.
  9. No fishing off the docks. Fishermen fishing off the docks present a safety hazard to boats launching
    and docking, and to the fisherman.
  10. Closed areas to fishing and boating:
  11. 1,000 foot radius around mouth of Marble Bluff Fish Way
    1,000 foot radius around Sutcliffe Fishery spawning channel
    C. 1,000 foot from shoreline of Needles from Wizard Cove to Fox Bay
    D. The Truckee River and Delta
    E. Boats need to stay 250 feet from shoreline fishermen
  12. Lahanton Trout Season runs from October 1 thru June 30.