Customer Testimonials

To all my Fly Fishing Fanatics/Friends/Newbies,

I wanted to take a minute to express my fond appreciation to an individual, Joe Contaldi. I’ve fished with a few guides in the Eastern Sierras until meeting Joe and all my  trips had been a good experience, just not over the top. My first trip with Performance Anglers and Joe, changed that forever, he’s a beast! He’s a Teacher, takes the time to explain the game plan, takes the time in OFF water to show you the proper presentation, what to expect for a strike/hit and when to reload and replace a cast. My success rate increased immensely with his guidance and his knowledge of the water.

I was invited back to too enjoy his still water skills at Lake Crowley and all I can say is WOW, this guy is the MAN! I had a 46 fish day this year and I’ve had multiple trips with First Time Fly Fishing Anglers that have left with experiences of a lifetime, he’s the best hands on Guide for the Beginner and Pro.

I’ve been fishing with Joe for over 7 years now and average 5-6 trips a year and I’ve never had a client come away with any complaints, it’s always can I get his number! 


Tom Brindley

Sales Representative
Western Lighting & Energy Controls

Joe is the type of guide that is always trying to improve your day on the water. Changing flies, techniques or locations, whatever it takes to catch more fish. His knowledge and work ethic are the perfect combination for a great experience. #14 


Mike Wash

A huge shout out to Joe who is an incredible guide. A big part of my job is building relationships with new customers and I have found that fishing with Performance Anglers is great way to do this. Spending a day on the water with Joe is an easy way to create some great memories and relationships that will last forever with new clients. I have taken my clients on multiple fishing guide trips with Joe. He makes my job easy by making these trips ‘turn key’ and giving my clients and myself amazing top-notch service. It’s the little things that make the difference… He is always prepared with supplies, fishing gear, ladders. We don’t have to bring anything, he has it all ready and waiting for us. Including fresh blueberry muffins, awesome lunches, water, coffee and more. And the best part is that he knows his stuff. He is what I like to call ‘fishy’ meaning he knows how to fish, what to look for, what they are eating, their habits and where they are located. Joe has a passion for fishing and taking care of his clients. That is why I will be back, again and again. Thanks Joe!

Alan Walkenhorst

I can’t say enough about Joe as a guide and as a person. I’ve fished with Joe many times. He’s fun to fish with and always a pro. When it comes to Lake Pyramid his expertise is unmatched. He puts you “on the bite”. And the reason to that is he works at it. If Joe’s not with a client he fishing to find the fish and stay “on the bite” for you. You can’t fish with a better guide service.


Capt. Tom Berg

I first fished with Joe Contaldi over ten years ago, and it was the best decision that I ever been.  Joe guided my Father and I on our maiden fly fishing trip on the Upper Owens, and after a brief introduction, my very first cast above the riffles was a hook up.  Since this trip, Joe has taught me so much about fly fishing The Sierras, from getting towed under in The East Walker, to making them rise on hoppers in The Upper Owens, and my favorite, chasing the pigs in Crowley.  

Joe’s knowledge and wisdom is only overshadowed by his patients and teaching skills.   As far as I’m concerned, fishing with Joe will change your fly fishing life, allowing you to experience all that you have ever dreamed about fly fishing. 


Matt Nuez

Jeanann and I have fished with Joe many times and have had awesome trips.  Joe is considerate and gets us on the fish.  The past trip to Crawley we had 103 fish in the net in 2 days.  Walt


Walt Markus

Gateway Press

I first fished with Joe about 4 years ago for my sons 12th birthday, and his FIRST fish was a 24" cutthroat.  Since that day we've fished with Joe multiple times every year, and we make it a point to fish at least once per trip with him every time we fish the Eastern Sierra.  He totally changed my mind about fishing with a guide and I’m so glad we did! He's constantly working to get you on fish, and the biggest fish, and it's very common to have takes all day while those around you watch in frustration.  I’m thankful for all the great times we've had fishing with Joe, and i look forward to many, many more 30+ fish days in the future!


Dennis Mollison

"Joe's enthusiasm for the sport and willingness to share his knowledge is evident when spending a day on the water with him. It's not only about catching fish but also learning about the environment around you. From learning about the insects, the trout are feeding on to the names of the tallest peaks that surround you, you will leave the water a better and smarter angler as a result of his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and passion with you. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler, a day on the water with will Joe provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Steven Uyetanaka